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Kerosene Heater Igniter Style A

Kerosene Heater Igniter
Kerosene Heater Igniter Style A


Style A is distingushed by pins in opposite direction of heating coil. This style is the most popular igniter in use. Igniters are an important component of correct heater operation. Engineered and tested to provide extended trouble free use to ensure optimum ignition and performance. Compatible with many other new heater brands. Remove battery from kerosene heater before replacing igniter. Avoid unnecessary dirt and damage caused by match lighting.
Fits these kerosene heaters:
All Aladdin (except TR-2000, 3000), Aloha, American Wick*, Bando, Bombardier, Citation, Comfort Glow (except R10, 500 & R10,000), Comfort Temp (except 8420), Commander, Corona, Crestline, (3530, 3880 only), Danrich II, Easy, Emerson, Energy Mart, Energy Star, Envirotemp (0-002, 230, R-101, RF-110, 111, 23-DK), Everglow, Fanco, Fujika, Futura, Heatmate, Kero Heat*, KeroSun, Kero-World*, Kerray, Keymar*, Koehring, Kogy, Leslie Locke, Loudi, Magnum, Medallion, National, Noble, Nova, Panasonic, Perfection (P5R), Radiant King, Robeson*, Samaritan, Sears (except 564.35001, 35002, 35101, 40218, 40316, 40220, SR-10, 35011); Sharp, Sun Air Glow, Sun, Sunbeam*, Sunstar, Teknika, Toyokuni, Toyoset, Toyostove, Warm Mate, Yuasa (Sunglow series & J-30, J-35 only)

*Some models of these brands require other igniter types