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Kerosene Heater Igniter Style A

Kerosene Heater Igniter
Kerosene Heater Igniter Style A


Igniters are an important component of correct heater operation. Avoid unnecessary dirt and damage caused by match lighting. Style A is distingushed by pins in opposite direction of heating coil.
Fits these kerosene heaters:
All Aladdin (except TR-2000, 3000), Aloha, American Wick*, Bando, Bombardier, Citation, Comfort Glow (except R10, 500 & R10,000), Comfort Temp (except 8420), Commander, Corona, Crestline, (3530, 3880 only), Danrich II, Easy, Emerson, Energy Mart, Energy Star, Envirotemp (0-002, 230, R-101, RF-110, 111, 23-DK), Everglow, Fanco, Fujika, Futura, Heatmate, Kero Heat*, KeroSun, Kero-World*, Kerray, Keymar*, Koehring, Kogy, Leslie Locke, Loudi, Magnum, Medallion, National, Noble, Nova, Panasonic, Perfection (P5R), Radiant King, Robeson*, Samaritan, Sears (except 564.35001, 35002, 35101, 40218, 40316, 40220, SR-10, 35011); Sharp, Sun Air Glow, Sun, Sunbeam*, Sunstar, Teknika, Toyokuni, Toyoset, Toyostove, Warm Mate, Yuasa (Sunglow series & J-30, J-35 only)

*Some models of these brands require other igniter types