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Kerosene Heater Manuals

In order to select the correct Owner’s Manual for your heater you must know the "Model" and "Type" of your heater. If you do not know the "Model" and "Type" of your heaters please see the instructions below on how to identify your heater.

On the front of most heaters will be the model name of the heater; i.e., Omni 105 (or O-105) and radiant 40 (or R-40). On the back of most heaters is where theserial number is located. The last letter of the whole serial number is the model type; i.e., O-105(n) and R-40(d).

We have assembled a list of links to manuals for several popular kerosene heaters. This list is by no means all inclusive and if you don't find the manual you are looking for then please consult your kerosene heater's manufacturers website or call them.

Kerosene Heater Manuals
Dyna-Glo CV2300 Kero-Sun Sunstream
Heat Mate HMHC2230 Kero-Sun Sunstream Type A & B
Heat Mate HMHR1101
Kero-World KC1100 (French)
Kero-Sun Director
Kero-Sun Double Clean 90 Type A & B
Kero-Sun Moonlighter Type E, F, G & RB-2
Kero-Sun Moonlighter Type H & I
Kero-Sun Omni Type E,F,G,H & I (Similar to KSA-105)
Kero-Sun Omni 105 Type J & K Toyostove KSA-120
Kero-Sun Omni Type L Toyostove KSA-85
Kero-Sun Omni Type M Toyostove LR-450 Type B
Kero-Sun Omni 105 Type N Toyostove LR-450 Type D
Kero-Sun Omni 120 Type A & B Toyostove RB-2 Type A
Kero-Sun Omni 120 Type C Toyostove RC-37
Kero-Sun Omni 230 Type A Toyostove RC-37F
Keero-Sun Omni 230 Type B Toyostove RC-41 Type A&B
Kero-Sun Omni 230 Type C Toyostove RC-41F Type A&B
Kero-Sun Omni 230 Type D Toyostove RC-41F Type C
Kero-Sun Omni 230 Type E Toyostove RCA-36
Kero-Sun Omni 85 Type D,E,F,G & H Toyostove RCA-36F
Kero-Sun Omni 85 Type I Toyostove RCA-87
Kero-Sun Omni-15 (Similar to TSC-15) Toyostove RCA-10
Kero-Sun Omni-200 Toyostove RCA-8
Kero-Sun Radiant 10 (Type K,L,M) Toyostove RCA-850
Kero-Sun Radiant 10 Type N Toyostove SC-150B
Kero-Sun Radiant 100 Toyostove SC-200B
Kero-Sun Radiant 101 Type A&B Toyostove TCS-15
Kero-Sun Radiant 101 Type C Toyostove WC-105
Kero-Sun Radiant 101 Type D Toyostove WC-105R Type D
Kero-Sun Radiant 101 Type E Toyostove WC-105R Type E
Kero-Sun Radiant 101 Type F Toyostove WC-105R Type F
Radiant 101 Kero-Sun Toyostove WC-105R
Radiant 101 Toyoset Toyostove WC-120
Kero-Sun Radiant 36 Toyostove WC-120R
Kero-Sun Radiant 40 Type A & B
Kero-Sun Radiant 40 Type C Toyostove/Toyotomi DC 80
Kero-Sun Radiant 40 Type D Toyostove/Toyotomi DC 100
Kero-Sun Radiant Fan 110
Kero-Sun Radiant Fan 111  
Kero-Sun Rainbow Type B&C  
Kero-Sun Sunsprite